There is a wide range of security solutions in the market. From security consulting to maintenance services to mobile security management, companies utilize different security solutions to ensure the safety of their businesses. As for security consulting, IT companies offer consulting services for both physical and digital security, help clients make educated decisions regarding complex security concerns, and suggest various measures to upgrade the existing security solutions. When it comes to maintenance services, IT companies ensure that the systems are running smoothly, and that threats are predicted, prevented, detected, and responded to. For mobile security management, users can monitor multiple locations anytime and anywhere. In addition to the basic video surveillance, integrating with access control for remote monitoring, real-time alerts and updates are available as well.

Just like security solutions, devices that detect body temperature comes in all shapes and sizes. Decades ago, we used to detect body temperature using mainly contact methods. From the axilla region to the rectum to the oral cavity, a thermometer needs to be in contact with an individual for a long time to deliver an accurate measurement. When you detect body temperature in such a way, it is time-consuming and it brings about sanitary concerns. Nowadays, we usually detect body temperature using non-contact methods. For certain innovations, the body temperature of as many as thirty or more people can be detected simultaneously in real-time. Not to mention the time and money saved in having someone stand still and take body temperature measurements with a hand-held thermometer one by one.