The distributor of SHARP products in Hong Kong is presenting the Multifunction Printer HK, created for intelligent offices. This product provides several solutions and is designed to meet all the office needs. Apart from serving its main purpose – copying and printing – the Multifunction Printer HK is also printing long papers, better known as banners! Only advanced printing machines, mostly used by professional printing offices, could print banners so far. With this printer, however, it’s very easy. Banners are important elements that are involved in different projects. With this printer, it will no longer be necessary to order banners from local offices. Users can do everything on their own.

The Multifunction Printer HK is simple to use. It features a smart touch display with a clear menu that facilitates the utilization of the product. SHARP made this device very safe, using innovative systems, such as User Authentication and Password Protection to protect users.

The most important part of the printer is, of course, the printing quality! SHARP notably invested in this product so the printing resolution is impressively high. Also, the device is extremely fast! These key features can satisfy every customer.

Another smart feature of the SHARP Multifunction Printer HK is the possibility to transfer and print documents from smartphones and/or cloud storage. You can connect directly to the device and use it to print files. It makes the task even faster and easier!

SHARP is continuing to gain the trust of its clients and build a great reputation worldwide. With this printer device, they have confirmed their quality and showed how willing the company is to satisfy customer’s needs.