Asia Yachting is a Prestige Yacht Dealer stationed in Hong Kong, operating across the continent. Yacht enthusiasts can find a wide range of boats at Asia Yachting, including the Italian luxury yacht Prestige, Monte Carlo, Fountain Pajot, Nautique, and other world-class brands.

Clients can purchase used and new yachts at Asia Yachting. As a private dealership and brokerage, this company has the second-largest catalog of pre-owned yachts in Asia. People that are familiar with yacht brands are extremely satisfied with this Prestige yacht dealer. Prestige is a brand recognized worldwide. The Italian luxury yacht manufacturer has over 4,000 units on the water across the world; it is famous for modern designs and a variety of models that can satisfy clients with different tastes.

At Asia Yachting, buyers are able to find old and new models of the same brand, including this Italian luxury yacht. Thus, clients can get in contact with the Prestige yacht dealer and ask for the availability of the sports top and flybridge versions. X-Line Prestige X70, Flybridge Prestige 420, Prestige 460, Prestige 520, Prestige 590, Prestige 630, and S-Line Prestige 420S and Prestige 460S are only some of the boats that purchasers can find at Asia Yachting.

In case clients are looking for other models, they can file a request to the Prestige yacht dealer. Afterward, the Asia Yachting team will connect to their international partners and look for the boat requested by the customer. They will let him/her know if it is possible to acquire the specified boat and offer additional boat management services.