Earth-mined diamonds are getting worthy competition that is taking over Hong Kong! Lab Star, a prestigious diamond brand, is integrating diamond production, loose diamond wholesale, and retail in the region. This company produces diamonds in a laboratory, advocates green jewellery, and allows people to purchase diamond jewels without spending a fortune!

Lab Star promotes lab-grown diamonds in the market efficiently by highlighting numerous advantages of fabricated, over earth-mined diamonds. The most notable difference that attracts customers in Hong Kong is, understandably, the price. Lab diamonds are significantly more affordable than earth-mined ones. However, that factor does not reduce its quality. In fact, the difference in appearance between those two groups of diamonds is minimal. People with average knowledge of precious stones could hardly differentiate them.

Lab Star has worked on the development of advanced technologies for decades. The production was efficient but making jewellery out of lab-grown diamonds was challenging. Within the last decade, this company introduced technologies and practices that took their work to a whole new level. Now, the brand is collaborating with reputable jewellery stores around Hong Kong and has reliable partners across the world, ready to join the trend and introduce lab diamonds to jewellery enthusiasts in their regions.

Although jewellery admirers can already find a variety of beautiful colours among Lab Star’s diamonds, this company continues to work on the development of its high technology, aiming to introduce even more colour variations that will impress people globally and motivate them to join the trend and replace earth-mined with environment-friendly, lab-grown diamonds!