Asia Yachting, a prestigious private dealership, and brokerage is a safe and trusted place to buy a Hong Kong Luxury Yacht. This company collaborates with world-class manufacturers and has an outstanding reputation in South East Asia. Yacht enthusiasts from the entire continent are regularly purchasing luxury motorboats at Asia Yachting. Prices are convenient, quality is extremely high, and the selection is great. All those features are keys to the success of Asia Yachting.

Monte Carlo is one of the popular Italian Deluxe Yacht brands at Asia Yachting. Clients often purchase these boats because of their style and elegance. However, that’s not all that Monte Carlo has to offer. It is a pioneering project in the yachting world. Thus, Monte Carlo boats are relatively new on the market and they bring innovation to the industry. The Italian Deluxe Yacht has distinctive features that differentiate it from its competitors. At Asia Yachting, there are multiple Hong Kong Luxury Yacht models by this manufacturer. Clients can check out the MCY 70, MCY 66, and MCY 76, among others.

Customization is one of the services closely related to the Italian Deluxe Yacht models. Namely, Monte Carlo allows buyers to order a Hong Kong Luxury Yacht with the characteristics they choose. Purchasers can select the layout plan, hull colours, and materials. On the other hand, clients can also buy a pre-owned Monte Carlo boat and customize it with the help of Asia Yachting. The boat customization service is a part of this company, as well as boat management. To find out more about exclusive packages, clients can consult the Asia Yachting team and book the services they need.