Hong Kong Baptist University encourages business enthusiasts to apply for the non-JUPAS offer and acquire knowledge and skills crucial in the progressive business field. The non-JUPAS offer is designed for local, as well as non-local applicants. HKBU selects applicants for interview on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, ambitious students passionate about business have a great chance to become students at one of the most prestigious Universities in Hong Kong.

Non-JUPAS offer can explore all Concentrations during their first year of study. Considering that business is an expansive area with several categories with their programmes, students do not have to decide on their Concentration immediately. Through the BBA Mentor Programme which includes continual assistance of educators, and participation in workshops and events, among other activities, students will learn the basics of eight Concentrations and build a solid foundation for their further development.

BBA Mentor Programme offers academic advising, career services, industrial seminars, and training workshops for students of all study years. On the First Year Entry, mentors can inform themselves about the University with the help of the BBA Freshmen Guidebook and proceed to attend Concentration Briefing and a wide range of related activities.

Students meet their Mentors regularly as a part of the BBA Mentor Programme, which enables them to stay motivated, informed, and guided at all times. Mentors focus on the strengths of their students and help them choose paths in their best interests. Therefore, students can choose a preferred Concentration after finishing the first study year and continue to build their academic abilities and knowledge that will make them business professionals upon the completion of the non-JUPAS offer.