The Covid-19 outbreak has brought adverse effects to businesses around the globe. Most of the enterprises experience a drop in revenue while some new enterprises are actually facing the danger of bankruptcy. In order to tackle the problem, entrepreneurs used to host exhibitions and events to enhance public awareness and popularity. However, numerous exhibitions are postponed and even called off due to the current situation.


Having said that it is difficult to launch an on-site exhibition, digital expo platform HK is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs. The digital expo platform HK aims at helping employers get back the control over the market regardless of the effects of the pandemic. Virtual career fairs, online information days and webinars are in high demand by different enterprises.  They provide a similar experience to an actual on-site exhibition in order to enhance the effectiveness. Virtual booths are set in the exhibition in which the attendees are required to ‘queue’. They would then be allowed to have private interactions with the exhibitors. The interactions improve the involvement as well as the engagement of the attendees.


Particularly, Webinar allows people to have one-on-one interactions, private chats and even polling. A webinar portal serves as an entrance to different meetings. Meetings and events with similar topics can be gathered in a webinar portal. By so doing, different enterprises can attract customers from the same target group.  Then they would never miss a potential customer.


The current business market is unquestionably unflavoured for companies. However, it is a high time to work hand in hand to tackle the problem. Digital expo platform HK allows enterprises to work together to attract more potential customers.