1. NOW, a sensational Virtual Education Fair Platform is here to stay! This outstanding software gained the trust of educational institutions across Hong Kong. Many universities are incorporating this platform into their systems and using it as the main tool for online communication. Thanks to excellent options, easy access, and user-friendly design, UC. NOW is planning to expand internationally. But first, the founders of the software are focused on Hong Kong. By providing fast Onsite Event Technical Services, they are upgrading the user experience and making the platform even more enjoyable to use!

Onsite Event Technical Services are aiming to assist users in various categories. Apart from providing 24/7 local technical support, UC. NOW is also offering a Local Project Manager, Software Design and Development, Pre-Built Event Templates, Local Cloud Storage, and more. The idea of the team behind UC. NOW is to solve the most critical IT problems of their clients, without having to visit their properties; they can do it all virtually. UC. NOW cares about the clientele greatly. These professionals understand that clients don’t always like to have an IT team on their property. Therefore, they fix their issues from distance by offering Onsite Event Technical Services.

The Virtual Education Fair Platform serves all types of online events. Interviews, lessons, and meetings with parents and teachers are only some of the ways members can utilize UC. NOW. Also, they can upload materials that other users can access, which is an amazing tool. Along with other top-quality features, content submission makes UC. NOW the top Virtual Education Fair Platform in Hong Kong.