Over the last two years, digitalization was extremely important. To complete basic tasks, companies needed to go the extra mile because of the social distancing rules and responsibility. Thus, the creation of an Online Staff Training Platform that can replace meetings in person effectively was highly required. UC. Now, an innovative Online Staff Training Platform HK managed to impress recruitment companies during the quarantine time. The features that this software offers minimize the negative effects of social distancing; they make virtual meetings pleasant and productive.

U.C Now is a stable Online Staff Training Platform HK that serves various purposes. The members that benefit from this program the most are the staff recruiters. For these professionals, hiring and training personnel became nearly impossible due to the effects of COVID-19. When this Online Staff Training Platform appeared, the problems that recruiters had almost disappeared. They were no longer limited and they were able to do their jobs again.

Organization and management of online lessons, interviews, training, and other meetings at UC. Now is notably simple. The Online Staff Training Platform gives numerous options to administrators that can edit channels, invite members, upload materials, send notifications, and complete other tasks required for the proper functionality of the company.

Users can organize one or multiple training sessions on the Online Staff Training Platform HK. Before the introduction of UC. Now, people had to use numerous platforms to host a productive event. Thus, they needed one program for video calling, one for file sharing, one to book and organize meetings, etc. With UC. Now, there is no need to use other platforms because this software includes all the features required for training, recruitment, and other virtual meetings.