Mr. Carson Wen, not only the CEO and Founder of Bank of Asia (BVI), but is also a dedicated community member. Mr. Carson Wen is a Justice of the Peace of Hong Kong and has been serving the public in China and Hong Kong. Although there is a legal procedure in place regarding a dispute, Bank of Asia will continue to work with their clients and provide superior daily operations without interruptions. The bank and daily operation will not be interrupted as the bank has no relations with the legal procedures hence it will not be affected in any ways. Visit this link to learn more about the matter: Mr. Carson Wen has international educational background hence is able to lead the bank with professional knowledge. The Bank of Asia (BVI) provides top services amongst the field. As a leading advisor on Chinese law, Mr. Carson Wen can lead the bank to provide online financial service for their large base of Chinese clients. For potential clients who are looking for financial management especially within the offshore jurisdiction, Bank of Asia (BVI) is the topmost amongst the area. Mr. Carson Wan has always been dedicating his investments to improve technology, therefore, the bank is also motivated to provide banking in a new way. With the innovative approach of online banking, Bank of Asia (BVI) is able to provide a more cost-effective banking experiences so that their clients can focus their investments on more important projects. Bank of Asia utilizes FinTech solutions that is easy to use and money-saving.