A Limited Partnership Fund (LPF) is a fund that is structured in a limited partnership form and is used to manage investments. The Limited Partnership Funds regime is an opt-in registration scheme that does not rule out other funds from operating in HK in the form of a limited partnership in parallel to a registered LPF. In HK, the Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance (LPFO) is the legislation and rules governing Limited Partnership Funds. And the authority that administers the LPF regime is the Companies Registry. One important eligibility requirement of funds to be registered as Limited Partnership Funds is that they have an office in HK. To register funds as Limited Partnership Funds, the applications generally need be submitted by registered HK law firms. It should be noted that the registered office of a LPF can never be situated outside HK. If the application for registration of an LPF is successful, an email will be sent to notify.  Once the registration is settled, the Registrar will issue a Certificate of Registration of Limited Partnership Fund within 4 working days.

Cayman fund investment is popular around the world and many companies offer relating consultation services. Cayman fund investment comes in different shapes and sizes, but many are of complex multi-fund structures, from private equity and venture capital funds, to CIMA-registered hedge funds, that is why consultation services are much needed to help potential investors figure out what suits them best. Receiving quality legal advice and doing consultation beforehand is the recipe for maximizing your Cayman fund investment.