Spreading positivity and managing relations with customers, partners, and the media is crucial for a company’s success. PR Crisis Management is a service that can save a firm even when all the other sectors, apart from Public Relations, are not functioning properly.

When companies go through crises, the support of the customers is one of the only bright points that can motivate the management team to resolve the existing issues. Getting such support is not easy, considering that the directors, managers, and other members feel enormous pressure from the public. The solution to this occurrence is PR Crisis Management.

A certified PR team manages the communications sector on behalf of the company during the crisis. They use a variety of methods to engage the customers and keep their trust. Event Management HK is one of the services that strengthen the connection between the company, customers, partners, and the media.

MEMO + is a PR agency that helps distressed businesses in Hong Kong. Their Event Management HK service includes all stages of the event organization. Thus, this group will select and decorate the venue of the event, provide audio and visual support, invite guests (including partners, sponsors, and the media), and complete any other task related to the event. Event Management HK will serve to make new contacts, attract customers, send good news, and relieve the pressure caused by the crisis.

PR Crisis Management also involves social media and other communication channels that MEMO + will use to communicate with the audience and maintain the good image of the brand.